My name is O-Sky, a 15 year old musician and songwriter from Orlando, FL.

I have been playing guitar for 7 years and been singing since I could talk. I have released two EPs, Flawless and Stellar.

About Me


O-Sky (Olivia Sky) is a 15 year old singer/songwriter from Orlando, Florida. At the age of 8 her grandparents gave her a guitar and she hasn’t put it down since. Over the last five years O-Sky has written, co-written and recorded several songs. Her first EP “Flawless” was released in 2013. O-Sky has sung at a variety of venues from the House of Blues to the White House. She is proud that her songs have a positive message and can be enjoyed by all ages.

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Contact: Monica Lochmandy

Email: meloch26@gmail.com

Cell: (407) 230-6888